A 272g candle

Our vintage Herminia vessel in different colors + fragrances. Currently stocking colors black, red, aquamarine, pink, blush + translucent blush.

La Bruja a dark, smoky, leathery vanilla amber that smells like something right out of a cauldron. This one calls out to your innermost Bruja, i

Incienso y Mirraan ancient + masculine resinous fragrance of frankincense, myrrh + oud, with hints of bergamot + amber.

NopalA clean botanical + slightly floral scent, subtle + refreshing like cactus water.

Persa - a warm + sultry scent that make a harmonious blend. Persa has notes of juicy Persian plum, peach, patchouli + leather

A silky, renewable and luxurious fruit wax mixed with sophisticated fragrances with a crackling and comforting wood wick to ease any environment. Phthalate free, so it burns clean so as not to pollute your personal space. Comes in a multi-functional vessel that can serve a purpose in your home long after the candle is gone. See our FAQ section for our refill policy. 

La Herminia

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