A huge 540g candle in handblown glass, with luxurious coconut wax and premium fragrance oils. 


The Coco is a handblown glass vessel, not painted glass, but with pigments deposited into the glass during the blowing stage.  In either black or tortoise, we offer the Coco in two fragrances: Persa, and our newest addition peligROSA, and limited edition Calor + El Agua.


Persa: An amalgam of fragrances that, on their own, don't translate, but together create a warm + sultry scent that make a harmonious blend. Persa has notes of juicy Persian plum, peach, patchouli + leather. 


peligROSAA play on words, peligROSA is dangerously addictive from the first whiff. It mystifies the senses with swirls of aroma that cannot be identified individually. A rose base with a seductive scent of pink peppercorn, tart grapefruit, warm vanilla + patchouli  with a fruity + resinous labdanum finish. 


Calor:  A true summer fragrance, Calor, smells like heat with spicy notes of pink pepper, a refreshing, heavy citrus, juniper and gaiac wood. 


El Agua:  A play on the linguistic principles of the Spanish language, Agua is a feminine word, but in its singular form, it is accompanied by the masculine article El, but in it's plural form, Las Aguas, is fully feminine. El Agua, has swirls of sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamom, iris, violet + leather. A mildly spicy + musky fragrance. 


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