Inspired by our privilege to witness the transition of Ms. Gabbi Tuft (@gabbituft), and many others like her, we introduce our latest charity candle. Modeled after the trasngender flag, we offer The Butterfly Collection in our Herminia vessel in baby blue, baby pink and white, and in three fragrances which include a masculine, feminine and a neutral scent, but for you to decide which fits best.

As a member of our charity line, 20% of Butterfly profits will be donated to a charity of Ms. Tuft's choice, benefitting the trans community.   


Nopal - A clean botanical + slightly floral scent, subtle + refreshing like cactus water.

La Egipciawarm, amber mix with jasmine, sandalwood + tonka bean, We like to think it's what Cleopatra must've smelled like. 

El Agua - A play on the linguistic principles of the Spanish language, Agua is a feminine word, but in its singular form, it is accompanied by the masculine article El, but in it's plural form, Las Aguas, is fully feminine. El Agua, has swirls of sandalwood, cedarwood, cardamom, iris, violet + leather. A mildly spicy + musky fragrance. 

The Butterfly Collection | The Charity Candle

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