Be proud of the way you turned out, we certainly are! To celebrate Pride every day, we're offering a limited edition collection of vessels in all the colors of the rainbow.  Typically sold individually for $34 each, this special edition is sold as a set at a discount with a savings of $54. 

Each is a 230g  candle in a heavy bottom glass vessel. Three each in our best selling fragrances peligROSA and Persa. 

Persa: An amalgam of fragrances that, on their own, don't translate, but together create a warm + sultry scent that make a harmonious blend. Persa has notes of juicy Persian plum, peach, patchouli + leather. 

peligROSA A play on words, peligROSA is dangerously addictive from the first whiff. It mystifies the senses with swirls of aroma that cannot be identified individually. A rose base with a seductive scent of pink peppercorn, tart grapefruit, warm vanilla + patchouli  with a fruity + resinous labdanum finish. 

PRIDE 2021

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