Approximately a large 500g candle. 

Announced on Indigenous Peoples' Day + launching in November, Native American Heritage Month, is our latest charity candle, Indigena. Indigena is the Spanish word for indigenous. Our hope with this collection is to put in the forefront, as well as to examine, colonization + indigeneity, exploring what it means to be native, both north and south of the modern border. As the most recent addition to our charity line, Indigena sends 20% of profits to native charities. 

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece of locally made pottery by Houston's Sierra Estes of Estes Ceramics (follow her on Instagram @sierra.estes). Specially commissioned for Establo Blanco, no two pieces are alike, are all hand thrown + hand glazed in either a cream, blue or rust ombre finish with our standard Establo Blanco seal. 

When your candle is spent, clean it out and use it as a bowl or mug as all Estes Ceramics are kitchen safe. Likewise, when your candle is gone, you can always send it back to us to be refilled at a discount. 


Indigena Collection | The Charity Candle

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